SIS: Daily Score Update

SIS: Daily Score Update

Review and Update Daily Scores

Utilize the daily score detail screen in the teacher connect gradebook to update individual students' daily scores.
Alert - The daily score update process runs each night to update daily scores that equal zero when the modified date is within the last 7 daysExample: An attendance officer enters an attendance event today for a date in the past (more than 7 days ago), and that attendance event changes the student's daily score to a zero.  The daily score of zero will be updated in the overnight process because the period attendance was modified less than 7 days ago.

Teacher Connect > Gradebook

Option 1 - Gradebook

1. Open the Teacher Connect Gradebook
2. Scroll over to the Daily Score Category
3. Click on a students Daily Score Average

4. Click in the Score column to enter a new daily score numeric value or an EX (Exclude) for one or more days
5. Click in the Comment column to enter a comment for one or more days

6. Close the Daily Score Detail Screen to update the daily score category average for the selected student

Option 2 - Attendance Roster 

1. Open Teacher Connect Attendance Roster
2. Select a date
3. Enter Comments by clicking > on the attendance status 
4. Enter Daily Score numeric values or an EX (exclude)
5. Use the Fill Down arrow to update all students daily score with the entered value
6. Click Save to save the changes and update the daily score for the class