SIS: Clear Cache on Supported Browsers

SIS: Clear Cache on Supported Browsers

Clear Cache on Supported Browsers

Regularly deleting browsing history helps protect your privacy, and will help performance when using internet-based programs. 
Chrome Browser
  1. Press Control + H on the keyboard, OR Click the 3-dot Menu in the upper-right corner of Chrome
  2. Select History > History
  3. Click Clear Browsing Data
  4. Click the Advanced tab 
  5. In the Time Range, select All Time
  6. Select “Cached images and files" (and any other items you may want to clear)
  7. Click Clear data

Microsoft Edge

  1. Press Control + H on the keyboard OR Click the Three Dots
  2. Select History
  3. Click the Three Dots on the History Window
  4. Select Clear Browsing  Data
  5. Select All Time in the time range
  6. Select Cached images and files
  7. Click Clear Now

Internet Explorer

  1. Use Control + Shift + Delete or Open the Tools icon OR click the Gear Icon
  2. Choose Safety
  3. Choose Delete browsing history
  4. Select “Temporary Internet files and website files” and any other items you may want to delete
  5. Click Delete


  1. Click the Safari menu
  2. Click Preferences
  3. Click the Privacy tab
  4. Click “Manage Website Data
  5. Click Remove All (recommended) OR highlight the CSIU Websites and click Remove
  6. Confirm by clicking Remove Now