FIS User Topics Meeting - May 2024 - AFR Reporting Changes for 24-25

FIS User Topics Meeting - May 2024 - AFR Reporting Changes for 24-25

May Topic: AFR Reporting Changes for 24-25

Recorded: 5/28/2024
Length: 1:13:32

CSIU Proposed programing changes for AFR Reporting

October 2025


This is a working idea of how the changes may be accomplished. This document may be updated as PDE provides more information.

Last updated 5.28.2024


Changes for FY24-25 AFR

1.    Report by Expenditure detail at the school building level.

4-digit school code used on ESSA schedule (from PDE’s EdNA)


2.    Expanded Salary codes for Function 1000 and 3200.

Now 110-190


Topics we will be discussing this afternoon

·       Mapping the 4-digit school code to the AFR export.

·       What is the new AFR Expenditure export going to look like out of FIS.  

·       How to allocate District Wide cost to each building, if you choose 

·       How to create and import new account codes, if you choose to add them.

·       How update/reclass current account codes to add the Building Dimension, if you choose.

·       How to set up and use prorations to allocate Exp. across buildings, if you choose.

·       Budget


Changes we are working on:  

A new menu item will be added under FA > GL > Periodic Functions > AFR Building Crosswalk Set up. You will not see this new Menu item until after the FY24 has been completed. Estimated time would be January/February 2025.  

 ·        FIS will have a system table (refreshed each AFR season) that will contain the PDE School Number and School Name for each AUN/LEA This screen will            be pre-populated but users can edit, delete or add records in case the default from PDE is not correct.

·        User will then need to assign Dimension Position (example below is 6-Operational Unit) and then corresponding Building Dimension (example 260-                 Sunny East Primary, 800- Senior High School etc.). The Building Dimension can only be used once. It is a one to one with the PDE School Number and is required if            there is more than one PDE School Number.

·        Assign % of Total District cost to each building. This column must add up to 100%. District Wide cost is defined as account codes that have an Instructional Org.         of 0? and do not have a designated building dimension in account code. There were 4 Methodologies present by PDE (see above) on how Expenditures can be Allocated.  

·        Assign % of Total District cost that apply to Elem. This is the total undefined district cost from above applied to the Elem. school.

 ·        Assign % of MS cost that apply to Elem. This is the defined MS cost that should be applied to Elem. Defined MS cost = Instructional Org. that starts with a 2? and                Building Designation in for MS (example below 500- MIDDLE & JUNIOR BLDG) . The rest will be applied to the Secondary cost.



This set up should only need to be set up once but recommend the Building Assignments and percentages be verified each year.

 If there is only one PDE School Number for the LEA, then the Building Dimension is not required, but the percentages are required. 

This exception is for, say, a CTC that may have only one building.  They do not need to redo their account codes since all their numbers would only be for one building. 



  AFR File Export:

It will still be in a TXT format, but it will now have an additional column for the School Number.

This will be pulled from the ARF cross walk above. I have spaced out the TXT file for a better visual comprehension and also added the school name (East ELM) and Building Designation (260) to this screenshot for reference. THEY WILL NOT BE IN THE ACCTUAL FILE. JUST THE SCHOOL NUMBER 7191



Q.  What will happen if I have an In. Org of 1? but my Building Dimension does not match the cross walk?

               10-1110-610-000-10-100… Op Until 100 is not designated to a school code above.

A.     The account code and total amount Exp. will be listed on the Exception Report and will not be included in the file.  You can either, fix the account   code structure to match one of your Building Dimension or manually update the amount in CFERS after you upload the file.


Q.  What will happen if I have an In Org of 0? but my Building Dimension matches one of my designations.

               10-1110-610-000-00-260… In. Org 0? = District Wide Exp. but my Op. Until 260 = East Elm school.

A.     The total Exp. for that account code goes directly to Op Unit 260 – East Elm school.


Q. What will happen if I don’t set up my Building Position, Building Dimension or Percentages?

       A.  You will get an exception error and the AFR will not run until you fix the error(s).  


 How to add new account codes:

      You need to make sure that the Building Dimension exists in the Dimension Directory. 
                  FA > GL > Directories > Dimensions > ADD 

       Once your Dimension(s) are added you have two ways to add new Account Codes

                  FA > GL > Directories > Chart of Accounts > 

                          ADD, this will allow you to add one account code at a time.

                          IMPORT, this will allow you to import multiple account codes.  

We recommend importing the corresponding Benefit codes and not allowing the Dimension Auto Add to add them.  When importing you can add the description and ASN to the account code as columns within the excel file. If you let the Auto Add generate the new Benefit codes, the descriptions and ASN will be blank. This may cause you more work afterwards. 

To help with the import, search your Chart of Accounts for an accounts code structure you can export and use to help create the new account codes. 
      The import will require: Year and New Account Code.  I would recommend adding a Descriptions and ASN if your district used them to the file to be uploaded. 

How to edit existing account code:

            FA > GL > Directories > Chart of Accounts > Search by a Dimension that will pull in the Account Codes   > Select Edit All Accounts

                           Update the new Dimension > Generate New Account Codes > Choose all or some of the Account Codes to Change> Save.


This will create New Account code if there were transactions in the old account code. It will lock and discontinue the old Account Code. 
This will do a replacement of the dimension and NOT create a new Account Code if NO transaction existed.   
This will NOT copy over the ASN number. You may need to adjust the ASN after the new codes are Generated
This is a good time to update the descriptions before generating the new Account Codes. 

How to set up a proration

             FA > GL > Directories > Prorations > Add              

                     Prorations must be sent up as a 100 either Percent/Unit

                     To use Prorations they need to be entered as P- (proration ID).


We would highly recommend you decided what Allocation Method you are going to use before we make adjustments to your budget numbers. 
      You have a few options on correcting your Budget Numbers for internal reporting.  
            1. Create a new Version under Budget > Directories > Budget Prep Version .
                  Import your budget again with the new account codes. Don't forget to Transfer/Approve.  
            2. Do a Budget Transfer. Transfers affect the Current Budget numbers only. 
            3. Do Budget Amendments. Amendments affect the Original Budget numbers only. 

You can import both Budget Transfer and Amendments. 
Once you create and Post either Budget Transfer or Amendments, you will not be able to unlock and retransfer the same version. You will need to delete out all of the Budget Transfers and/or Amendments before you would be allowed to retransfer that version. That may cause a lot of extra work.  A new Version maybe easier to create. 

If you choose to create a new version, you can also export out the budget data from the original approved-transferred version under FA > Budgeting > Reports > Line Item  > then select the Export Data to Excel File. You can then use this file to assist you in importing into a new budget version that you created, along with the new account codes so that you do not need to re-create your entire budget from scratch.